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Capturing Social Media Records

Four tools to capture your Social media records. A must have in the age of using Social media as a powerful tool for business to share information.

Social media has become a powerful tool for business to share information and build connections, however it is often forgotten that this interaction may be an important business record that needs to be captured. As such recording social media interactions need to be considered in your organisations overall records management strategy.

#Socialmedia has allowed #communities to become more connected, with organisations increasingly leveraging this media to market products and services, communicate news and events or seek feedback and opinion. This two way dialogue in business is often embedded with links or data to enhance the record and it is essential that this additional content be captured for the record to be complete. The content, context, structure and metadata of a record need to be captured to maintain the reliability, integrity and authenticity of the record.

There are many ways to #record social media outputs with each solution dependent on your organisation’s size and use of the communication platform. For instance if you are an organization that is using social media to merely inform your audience of upcoming events your needs to capture this information will likely be limited. In contrast, an organization that is using social media as an avenue for communicating with their management and marketing teams will necessitate vastly different retention of these communications. Furthermore, Government agencies will have an added obligation to provide public records when requested under FOI. As such it is crucial that organisations consider their social media strategy and tailor their requirements to meet both business and regulatory needs for future access to the information.

Whilst there is a multitude of tools available to capture social media records, some organisations will simple revert to low cost solutions without due consideration for their information needs. One such solution utilises entry screenshots with these being saved into the EDRMS. This method however is time consuming, does not capture embedded content which can influence the integrity of the information and will generally only capture a small percentage of the records being created.

Organisations are encouraged to truly consider their information retention requirements to utilise a solution that provides them with a value for money outcome. The following products provide a sampler to the many opportunities available in the market.

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