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Free Weather WebPart

The KKiT Weather WebPart provides both current weather and the upcoming forecast utilising the free API.

To get started simply signup for a API Key and install the application to your SharePoint Application Catalogue.

The WebPart has the following configuration available:

  • APIXU API Key - Set your APIXU API Key

  • Weather Location - Set a valid APIXU Location

  • Units - Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • Show Forecast - Show the upcoming forecast

  • Days - Define how many days 1-5 you would like displayed

  • Show Region - Show or Hide the region i.e. South Australia

  • Show Temperatures - Show or Hide the temperatures for the current forecast

  • Cache Length (Hours) - The WebPart stores a cache to ensure you do not access the API on every page refresh - configure the delay before the next call in hours.

  • Background Color - Select the background color.

  • Text Color - Select the text color.

With different settings you can make the web part appear very different for where you need a more minimal approach:

Download the WebPart here.

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