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Teams Governance | Naming Standards with Powell Teams

In March Microsoft Teams usage increased by 12 million active users in a single week.

Microsoft says Teams usage is spiking because of remote working due to the COVID-19 coronavirus with over 45 million active daily users.

This has accelerated various features on the product roadmap as the platform grows and becomes more mature.

Many IT managers are still coming to grips with the rapid roll out of teams in their organisation and will soon find themselves with more teams than they could of ever imagined.

Even before the current situation, inspecting a clients existing teams deployment can be scary from the back-end with sometimes hundreds of teams and SharePoint sites, in one case there were over 20 teams with very similar name and description.

KKiT has partnered with Powell Software recently and is excited by the release of Powell Teams.

Powell Teams is an adoption and governance app that will advance and strengthen your company’s Microsoft Teams usage. Add new features, templatize engaging page designs, build governance and make your Microsoft Teams environment easy to use for employees on every level.

In this post we look at how easy it is to setup a standard naming convention that is enforced when your users create new teams by utilising the Powell addon.

Powell Teams Naming Conventions

The administrator of Powell Teams can define a naming convention which follows a specific set of rules to add a suffix and prefix to the user defined name.

The automatic additions include the following:

  • Tag - Powell allows you to tag teams for discoverability and these tags can be used to define the name. If a tag is used in a naming convention it will automatically become mandatory.

  • Automatic number assignment - this can be useful to ensure that team names are unique, team numbers are incremented automatically.

  • Name - this is the team name entered by the end-user.

  • String - custom text

The following example users all four methods to define a structured naming convention for our teams.

Once the naming convention is created it can be associated with a template. This is fantastic as different areas of the business may have different requirements for their teams.

As you can see when we create our team using Powell, the naming convention with the template is automatically applied.

More Information

Recently we held a online session with the team at Powell covering off all of the basic features of Powell Teams - you can view the recording below. If you would like a personalised demo please get in touch on the contact form below or at

Powell Software are offering a 2 month free trial to test the new software.

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