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Records Management

We work with you to manage and protect your information assets

Information Governance


Effective Information Governance enables a business to take control of their information assets. KKIT knows how overwhelming and complex designing an information governance framework can be so we work closely with our clients to make the journey as simple and streamlined as possible. We offer:

  • Information Governance consulting services and solutions flexibly tailored to suit your unique business needs.

  • Advice and hands-on support to help your organisation implement and maintain a robust Information Governance framework.

  • Solutions that will protect your data, minimize security risks and ensure you are complying with the regulation.

  • Information audits that identify and measure your information risks.


Records Management


Effective Records Management will improve an organisations ability to quickly find useful and relevant information.

Because your organisation is unique KKIT will tailor a Records Management program to your specific business needs including:

  • Design your business classification scheme and taxonomy structured to your unique organizational requirements.

  • Create and build your Records Retention/Disposal Schedule.

  • Design and review your Records Management Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

  • Identify and eliminate redundant outdated and unimportant information.

Records Retention/Disposal Schedule


Your organisations retention/disposal schedule is a living document that will evolve overtime dependent on regulation, legislation and organisation need. This document will lay the foundation for what records you need to keep and for how long. The schedule must document the rationale and the trigger so as your organisation can defend their retention decision. We will work with you to create, build and tailor make a retention schedule to your specific organisational requirements.




We will work with you to design and review your Records Management policies, procedures and guidelines and create an awareness campaign to inform staff of their Records Management responsibilities.



We will work with you to design your Records Management plan that will drive the delivery of authentic and reliable records.



We will conduct an information audit to identify at risk records and gaps in security.



We will work with you to develop a program that monitors changes to government regulations and ensures company policies are being adhered to.



We will work with you to identify what information you need to retain and provide strategies for continual availability.



We will work with you to build a Retention/Disposal Schedule that is specific to your organisations unique requirements and that meets Government regulations.



We will work with you to identify what and when information can be destroyed.



We will work with you to effectively communicate your information governance program to your organisation. 


Solving real business problems with SharePoint, M365 and RecordPoint



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