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Everything Microsoft SharePoint and O365

We provide a full range of implementation and support services to help you get the best out of your Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 investment.  We have experienced consultants who cover the complete system lifecycle from requirements capture, information architecture, system design and implementation.  Our training and ongoing system management services ensure high ongoing user adoption and system success for your business.


Whether you are deploying SharePoint/O365 for the first time for collaboration and intranet or migrating from a legacy system, it makes sense to seek professionals who have done this dozens of times and know the pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead. 


We believe in governance and have seen a rise in businesses who need a standards compliant document management system and that’s why we have partnered with RecordPoint, the best of breed records management solution that sits on top of SharePoint and SharePoint Online.  Whilst building intranet portals and aligning SharePoint as a collaborative work platform is our bread and butter, with fully qualified and experienced records managers on the KKiT team we believe we are unique in South Australia, offering customers document and records management capabilities of the very highest quality.


SharePoint Consulting

At KKiT all our consultants are highly experienced and have all been where you are, as project managers or business users of SharePoint.  All organisations are unique but we see the same core set of business challenges over and over again.  


SharePoint is complex and O365 even more so, so let us help you understand the options and guide you in the best course of action for your project whether you are upgrading, migrating or looking to implement SharePoint for the first time.

A well-managed intranet and collaborative working environment needs to be built on a sound information architecture to assist in helping your users find content and know where to put it.  Information architecture is about developing a design and structure in which everything has its place and a label describing the content to help with information discovery, search and retrieval.  Our Information Architects are experienced in understanding your users; audience, task, needs and information discover techniques, context; business goals, funding politics, culture and the technology along with content; document types, volume and governance and ownership.

Information Architecture
Information Architecture.jpg
Intranets, Collaboration Workspaces and Archives

SharePoint and O365 are a tool kit of applications, services and resources requiring specialised knowledge of the technology to implement the best tool for the job.  Whether its an intranet portal or providing collaborative workspaces for teams, communities and projects or hosting line of business applications your solution needs to be design managed for the full lifecycle of your Information.  


Most customers focus on the getting content into SharePoint.  KKiT can help you manage outdated information by identifying what information can be disposed of and what information needs to be kept, archived and preserved for short and long-term access.

Records Management with RecordPoint

For those organisations who need a robust document and records management capability we recommend RecordPoint as its not only a market leading product, it was born in Australia to be compliant with Australian records management standards.  The thing we most love about RecordPoint, apart from it being an order of magnitude cheaper than virtually any other records management solution, is that your users will end up being records compliant without even knowing, it’s invisible to standard SharePoint users and your records managers will love it.

We provide customers with technical support and maintenance services.  This can range from simply reaching out to us when you have a technical problem or need some advice to full system management services of your entire SharePoint farm or O365 tenancy.  With a 5 times Microsoft MVP on the team, you know that you are in the very best of hands.

SharePoint Support and Maintenance
Workflows and Custom Development

Sometimes a customer has a genuine business need that simply cannot be adequately addressed by SharePoint or O365 as it comes out-of-the-box. When that happens, we can build custom workflows using SharePoint Designer, Nintex Workflow or Microsoft Flow that take your productivity to the next level.  

If you need something beyond workflows then we will recommend an appropriate 3rdpart solution for your consideration, many of which we have built ourselves and are in active services with dozens of organisations.  If we still can’t find what you need then we can build it as we have highly experienced solution architects and developers on the KKiT team.

Design and Brand

We can make your intranet reflect the attitude and values of your brand in a way that will engage users.

Custom Development

If you need something special then let us built it for you.  Whether that be simple custom workflows or full-blown line of business applications our team of developers are ready to help.


Let us help you develop a sound governance plan to make sure that your information management strategy is robust, secure, compliant and scalable.

Information Architecture

Good governance is underpinned by a sound information architecture.  We design your metadata, Content Types and Site Columns with minimal burden on your users but ensure information classification.

Records Management

With RecordPoint, we can build you a standards compliant records management solution that is virtually invisible to your users. 


Whether you just need advice on which path to take or you need more detailed and structured guidance then let our team of experienced consultants help.


If your business needs targeted training in support of how SharePoint or O365 is used as part of your business processes then that’s where the KKiT team can help.


We provide support for the entire lifecycle of your investment in SharePoint and O365.  This includes farm or tenancy administration services for operational production environments. 




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