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Who We Are

Your Digital Transformation Partner

KKiT is a SharePoint, Office 365 and RecordPoint consultancy based in Adelaide and working nation-wide.  Our mission is to empower our clients to get the most from their investment in these technologies.  Our specialist team provides outstanding, innovative technology solutions to improve your business processes and decision-making capabilities.


We focus on usability when designing and implementing SharePoint and O365 based solutions.  The aim is to make your Digital Transformation journey as painless and risk-free as possible. 


We take a holistic approach to Digital Transformation projects. This means that we look at people, processes and technology as a complete system to make sure that the solutions we develop in partnership with you are not only fit for purpose but exceeds the expectations of end users.  If you look at Digital Transformation solely as a technology exercise then you are likely to fail.  Only when the technology is properly aligned with business processes and when your people are part of the journey, will success be assured.


We use a simple 4 step process (Align, Design, Implement and Sustain) which has proven track record with our customers.​

Discovery is the aim of the Align step.  We engage with key stakeholders in workshops to understand your current system and your drivers for change.  The Align step delivers the “As Is” picture.

Young Businesswomen

In the Design step we help you to develop a vision of the new system.  This is done conceptually at first and then together we select the right software components for the new system.  The Design step delivers the “To Be” vision for the project.


During implementation we deploy the selected technologies and configure them to be aligned with your business processes. Then we bring the new capability into service through the development and execution of a change management plan. The Implement step makes the transition from “As Is” to the “To Be”.

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Bringing the new system into active service is just the start.  The system must be maintained and be adaptable to changes in the environment or business practices so that it can support the business moving forward.  The Sustain step is all about ensuring that the system continues to deliver an enhanced capability for the organisation.


Solving real business problems with SharePoint, M365 and RecordPoint



36 Grange Road. Hawthorn SA 5062

Tel:  1800 957 856

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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